From time to time we will need to collect personal information so you can get the most out of our services. This may be for NDIS or therapeutic reasons.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure the information gathered is kept securely, and to protect the interests of our client’s privacy.

All information discussed within the Appointment will be kept 100% confidential unless there are concerns for client or other persons safety. The client will be notified should this need to occur or potentially need to occur.

Upon acceptance of our Terms and Conditions / Service Agreement we assume implied consent and understanding that we use the information you have provided with our utmost discretion in order to perform the tasks of providing our professional services.

As part of our Support Coordination service, we may at times need to discuss some information (eg. plan goals and budget) with other relevant parties (eg. Therapists, Plan Managers) to assist in Service Agreements, etc. We take every care to protect your information and will discuss this on a needs only basis where necessary to perform the tasks involved in providing our service.
The client / client’s representative agrees for Effective Directions to liaise with other service and support providers (NDIS Registered and Private) on their behalf. In accordance with the Support Coordination Service Agreement (Terms and Conditions) and Schedule of Supports.

At all other times, personal information gathered by Effective Directions will remain confidential and secure except when;

  • subpoenaed by a court;
  • disclosure is required or authorised by law;
  • Effective Directions believes failure to do so would place the client at risk of harm

Effective Directions may review and update policies and relevant documentation from time to time, without notice. When doing so the updated version will be available upon request.

Confidential information does not include information that:

  • was in Effective Directions possession prior to it being provided by the client;
  • is generally known to the public or in the disability/professional industry;
  • is obtained by Effective Directions, without breach of any obligation to the client;   or
  • is independently developed by Effective Directions without use of or reference to the clients confidential  information.