What clothes personality are you?

I read an article that was published in a Forbes Magazine and found it fascinating, so fascinating that I wanted to share what I found with you…


When buying something either online or in the shopping centre or even in a boutique, we buy with a purpose in mind. For example, to buy an outfit for work, to buy a cocktail dress for that party Saturday night, or new shoes just because. Whatever your style of shopping is, you will notice a theme in the explanations below. You will also start noticing how you shop. There is no right or wrong way to buy clothes, we are all individuals and saying that you may find that your personality style when shopping is a blend. And that is ok!

The way we buy an item is the most interesting….

There are 4 different ways we buy clothes; I call them the 4 C’s to buying clothes:

  1. Competitive
  2. Creative
  3. Consistent
  4. Critical

Now let’s break them down so you can get a feel for which one you believe you are while shopping

When you are in Competitive buying mode the best of the best and the latest and greatest is what you are after. You will go to the boutique where you can check out the latest styles and new season as they are the first to get it in. You are on their VIP list so you get to check it out before it goes out to the general public. You have to have the newest most efficient clothing in the market, price is not an issue for you.

The Creative shopping personality wears the brightest and boldest clothing, one where a specific designer has created a masterpiece. Usually something that not many others would potentially wear. You like to be the one wearing something different and like to be the centre of attention. So you prefer to wear the most outrageous and beautiful in designer clothing. This may also come through when you buy something corporate for work that has a quirky style that is a little different. An example of someone who fits this style in the extreme is Lady Gaga, while ____ is more the subtle creative personality.

Being Consistent when buying clothes means you go to the same place to buy your clothes every time. You like to shop there because the service is predictable and so are the quality of the clothes. You like the consistency in the style of clothing they have and the price tag that goes along with it. You find comfort in know what to expect and when to expect it.

While you are in Critical mode you will find that you have to know everything about the item. For example, you are curious about what the material feels like, the quality of the materials, the way it works and looks is of high importance. You find comfort in knowing how it will look on you and how it suits your body shape.


Reference: Forbes 03/04/2012 – what your clothes say about you