Documentary Review1

Homosapians and Neanderthal’s and the evolution of man

During a moment of thinking what am I going to talk about in this edition, I found an insight I had after watching a Documentary with my family…

I love watching documentaries with my kids and husband because it brings up a great discussion and insights.

This one was a documentary on Homosapians and Neanderthal’s and the evolution of man – which I find rather fascinating.

Our discussion was around the evolution of man and how Neanderthal’s became extinct because of their inability to adapt to the changing conditions of the land and climate.

Although these amazing beings were 10 times stronger than the lesser race (aka Homosapian), they were too strong and almost giant like. Which meant their bodies required a lot more energy and therefore consumed a lot more food. So in essence they were constantly hungry and in search of food.

Isn’t this fascinating?

What my insight and awareness from this was, you can have the biggest and best ‘thing’ in life.

Or what it seems to be on the surface. Once you start to take notice of how it is working and impacting on your life is when the truth comes out.

When you are put to the test you can either wipe yourself out or shine like a star!

Yes this is a very brief overview of the documentary and yes you may know which one I am referring. And yes you may have a different insight or perception of this video.

And yes, some of you are thinking … I need more information to make a calculated judgment, and that is okay too!

The point is, it means what it means to me and it means what it means to you and that is great!

Have an amazing weekend, and speak soon.