12 Tips on Eating Patterns

Top 12 tips to have awareness around your eating patterns:

  1. Notice your emotions while you are eating.
    Emotional eating is one of the most common causes of weight gain in men and women around the world.

  2. Do you eat when you are bored?
    You may find yourself in front of the TV watching your favourite TV program and before you know it you have a bag of chips/crisps, and maybe a bag of lollies/candy sitting in your lap.

  3. Notice what you eat when you are angry or frustrated.
    When we feel anger and frustration we find a simple solution to stuff it down and food is the most accessible and viable option.

  4. What are you eating when you are sad or crying?
    You have had a rough day with the kids and work was a nightmare, all you want to do is go to bed and forget the world. You have responsibilities to your family to cook dinner, you start to cry, it is all too much.

  5. Do you eat when you are happy or excited? What are you eating?
    We sometimes confuse celebrating something with food. For example, you celebrate a promotion or something else significant through going out for dinner.

  6. Notice what you eat when you feel love and comfort.
    When we are in love and cuddling on the lounge with our loved one, do you have an urge to eat something, to drink something? If so, what do you crave to eat or drink?

  7. Being mindful of what you are doing while you are Emotionally Eating.
    Are you watching TV, socializing with friends, on a date, at a game with your mates, social event. Whatever the occasion or event, be mindful what you are doing and how you are feeling while doing this activity.

  8. Keep a journal or record of your new awareness into your eating patterns
    The key to this is to help your awareness of what you are doing and when you are doing it. Taking control back of when you eat and what you eat and how you eat it. Instead of letting life lead you, how about you lead YOUR life!

  9. What are you telling yourself
    When you go for that piece of cake or biscuit, what are you saying to yourself? What do you notice yourself doing? How are you feeling when you go for that chip or lollie?

  10. What you do instead of those negative thoughts
    This is a great opportunity to explore ideas and options to distract or divert your attention from eating food. Such as, go for a walk, gardening, read a book, something that involves using your hands.

  11. Record your current weight NOW
    Even if you don’t want to step on those scales or take measurements. I would encourage you to do so, this way you can see how much progress you are making. You could even take pictures of yourself for comparisons if you are brave enough.

  12. Allowing to feel your emotions
    So many times we ignore, deny and dismiss our emotions because it is seen as the socially appropriate thing to do. In fact, the best thing to do with your emotions is to allow them to be expressed in a safe and controlled environment.

Disclaimer: the information contained in this document is meant as a guide and not professional health advice. The author is sharing what methods have worked for them and not promising it will work for you.
The following published authors are references from various books and resources which the author has used and interpreted to mean for themselves. Anthony Robbins, Louise L. Hay, Sharon Pearson, and Paul Blackburn