Gossiping is something that we can all be guilty of at some point in our lives.

You may say that it is something you do as a way of getting something off your chest, or perhaps someone hurt you so much that you didn’t have time to process or react.

Sometimes it is a way of avoiding things happening in your own life or lack thereof perhaps. So, talking about someone else and their problems is a great avoidance strategy we can find ourselves falling into.

Maybe you are thinking it isn’t you, you don’t do that… rest assured you most likely are. I am not here to point the finger or ridicule. I am here to help guide you to awareness. Awareness is your friend.

Perhaps you are thinking, yes this is what I do… but it is harmless. You are not alone. Many gossip while not being aware they are doing it. Sometimes getting caught up in the process can take you on a different direction you had intended.

From your perspective it may seem harmless, however from an outsider perspective they see it as gossip. Talking about someone else behind their ‘back’ so to speak. Even talking about someone else’s life events or experiences. A way that is more bagging them out!

Is gossiping something that will help you have a fulfilling and happy life?

It may make you feel good at the time, but it is not helping anyone better their lives in anyway. All it is, is creating a ‘story’, a ‘drama’ we may be seeking in our lives.

We all have a need for variety and adventure… creating drama by gossiping is not the best way to do this. Gossiping can harm you and others.

How does watching your favourite TV show, or doing a new hobby or sport sound? What about learning the musical instrument you have always wanted to play?

What about you, are you creating drama in your life by gossiping? Or are you choosing to create adventure in a more internal way?

The first step is having awareness and being completely honest with yourself.