my spiritual journey

A blogg on where it all began….right at the beginning.

While sitting on the lounge last night after the kids finally went to sleep, I was pondering my life and where my Personal Development journey truly began…

The realisation that it started about 8 years ago, it was more an internal journey of a spiritual kind. One where self-discovery was where I ended up. I connected with many people who too were on a similar path and before I knew it I was involved in an amazing spiritual group.

Now let’s pause for a moment: I can appreciate my Spiritual journey may not resonate with you, and that is ok. Think of it in a similar way to your spiritual journey, like your religion, your belief system.

This journey was the beginning of so many years of research and study into Spiritualism and what it means to me. It was also looking at various religions such as Buddhism, Christianity and I also researched Kundalini Yoga. This led to watching video’s, listening to audio’s and having very deep conversations with like-minded people in my community. Well anyone who would be open to talking about this stuff and answering my questions.

Human behaviour and the mind has always been a fascination of mine, it keeps me curious around why people do what they do and how it affects them. And now with my Life Coaching training, the many ways of pushing through the barriers that are preventing change and desired outcomes.

The reason for me sharing this you, is so you can get to know me and you can see where I have come from and on some level what I have shared will spark something within yourself.

It is really interesting how my life has come nearly full circle in a component of my life thus far. I started out exploring my spiritual side, then behaviour, then personality and how it all ties into what I call life, career and business.

Isn’t hindsight fascinating?

You take what you like from my post, I trust it will resonate with many of you. Feel free to share your insights, thoughts and experiences.

Happy reflecting day!