What does success mean to you?

So what is success? It can mean different things to different people. My experience is that not everyone has the same understanding of what success is.

For example, it could mean…

  • having lots of money
  • having a sense of achievement
  • having health and vitality
  • have an abundant lifestyle
  • having a lot of material items eg car, house, clothes

There is no right or wrong answer, only one that resonates with you.

Success can be the value we put on ourselves through our achievements. It could also be the actions and goals we realistically set ourselves every day to set ourselves up for success, rather than failure!

Being successful could be sticking with what we have originally planned rather than procrastinating and saying to ourselves “I can do it later”, or “it is only this once”.

When we start making excuses for procrastinating, we prove to ourselves that what we set out to achieve has no meaning, no value. We ultimately set ourselves up for failure, time and time again.

No wonder we don’t want to move and are afraid of change, we have proven to ourselves what actions and plans we make is all up in the air, and could land either heads or tails!

Is that the life you want, to life by “chance”, to live by inaction?

Do you want a life that is filled with lost promises, promises you make to yourself and in a split second are destroyed. 

Let’s set you up for success! What is one thing you can do RIGHT NOW that you know you can do, you can do it well and have done it before?

Right, now lets change history. Get off your butt and go do it RIGHT NOW. Prove to yourself that what you say is what you believe. Because you are worthy, you deserve to be successful, and you deserve the best in life.


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Why should you? Because what you are experiencing, someone else is too. I can also guarantee there are others who are just as afraid of voicing their vulnerability as much as you.