What is Trauma?

In short, Trauma is when someone has experienced a significant event in their life that affects the functionality of their lives.

Trauma can be an experience such as, loss of a loved one, violence and abuse, bullying, physical and sexual assault, natural disaster, medical, car accident, and other emergency related events.

At some point in our lives everyone experiences a form of trauma. The impact it has on someone’s life can be minor or rather significant, this depends on how the brain processes the experience.

If the brain has difficulty processes the event or experience it could lead to ongoing symptoms such as, insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, and possibly PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Often trauma can lead a person to an unhealthy coping response such as, smoking, drinking, drugs, and food. Then possibly leading to addiction and weight issues.

How can hypnotherapy help with trauma?

Hypnotherapy can help people living with trauma related symptoms to move past it with practitioners highly trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy and/or Psychotherapy. This is done through guiding clients into a deep state of trance (focused relaxation) and guidance to making permanent and long-lasting change.

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