Car Modifications and NDIS

This is where you have a person with a disability and they use a wheelchair or physical disability and need to have a vehicle modified.

Below is a statement from NDIA document called Operational Guideline for Vehicle Modifications. More specifically around what they consider when determining whether your quotes are accepted.

NDIA States:

When determining whether vehicle modifications represent value for money, the NDIA will specifically consider:

  • whether the proposed vehicle modifications are the best alternative for effectively achieving the participant’s driving or transport needs;
  • whether the participant’s specific needs can be achieved using a less costly alternative;
  • the cost of vehicle modifications compared to the cost of other funded transport supports over the life of the vehicle. For example, modified taxi fares, modified vehicle hire or personal assistance; and
  • the suitability of the type of vehicle proposed to be modified in terms of:
    whether the vehicle is of an age, type and mileage that is cost effective to modify relative to the cost of the modifications, anticipated use and expected longevity of the modified vehicle; and whether the vehicle is of a type that will require the development of a unique engineering solution.


There are so many things to consider and determine when having Car or Vehicle Modificiations included in the NDIS Plan or to have it added.

This is where a great Support Coordinator who can assist you when attending your NDIS Planning meeting to ensure this is included in the plan from day one.

Disclaimer: at the time of writing this information, all contents were true and correct based on personal lived experience. Please note that is a guide only and over time they may change their processes and some information contained in this article may become void and irrelevant. If in doubt, please go directly to the source, NDIS to seek clarity and clarification.