Providing effective Counselling, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and NDIS Support Coordination

Effective Directions started back in 2012, when founder Samantha Blake launched as a Life Coaching Business.

After completing extensive studies and training through Stuart Zadel, Beyond Success, Tony Robbins, The Coaching Institute, Louise Hay, Abraham-Hicks, TAFE, ICHP… to name a few…

You see Effective Directions was a product of passion and love of helping others reach their full potential. And to have the life of their dreams.
Over the past ten plus years, the business took many forms and developments. As Samantha grew, so did her business repertoire … Life Coaching, Counselling, Support Coordination and recently Hypnotherapy.

In 2023, Samantha and her husband Philip joined together to create a small family business in regional SA, with the following in mind….

OUR MISSION to provide a leading-edge compassionate service that is ethical, efficient and effective through empowering our clients to live a life on their terms.

Vision to help as many people as we can achieve a life they have only dreamed.

Our Values

  • Honesty (transparency), compassion, integrity, and professionalism;
  • Growth and Personal Development; and
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness.

Our Team

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Our Privacy Policy & Code of Ethics/Conduct

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Do you know the meaning behind our logo?

To us it has a few meanings… Fundamentally it is…

Tree of life nurturing the infinite wisdom, growth and possibilities with us all…

The tree represents a tree of life, which to us symbolises the source of life connecting all living things. It also represents the E in Effective, and D in Directions.

The lotus flower to us represents growth, knowledge, strength, purity and resilience.

You may notice at the bottom of the lotus flower has an infinity symbol, as it is the base of the lotus flower, for us it represents infinite qualities of the lotus flower.

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If you wish to book a session with one of our lovely staff, or to make a time to have a chat to see if you are a right fit… please contact us on admin@effectivedirections.com.au