NDIS Progress Reports

Progress reporting for NDIS Providers

This article is ideal for NDIS providers and participants receiving NDIS funding and supports.

It outlines what criteria to include in NDIS Progress Reports.

Who requests progress reports?

Progress Reports are usually requested by a Support Coordinator or the participant themselves.

The service or support provider will be asked to complete a progress report before the participants NDIS review meeting.

Why are these reports important?

These reports essentially let NDIS know how the participants treatments are progressing, how they are supporting them and how they are meeting their NDIS goals.

Providers can do this by including an overview of services and outcomes achieved and how they relate to the participants NDIS goals.

What is included in progress reports?

Below is a general overview to give you an idea of what NDIS are after:

  • a summary of supports provided to the participant
  • how the support has helped the participant work towards their goals – for example, how their functional ability has changed over the plan period
  • whether the participant has been linked to any additional informal, community, or mainstream supports to help them achieve their goals
  • barriers encountered during the plan period and the strategies implemented to resolve these
  • any risk identified to the participant or others
  • any evidence or other information that may be relevant for the NDIA to consider when determining reasonable and necessary supports. This can include recent assessments and evaluations.
  • justification for any recommendations of additional supports, including details of the proposed outcomes and any risks or impacts on other supports, if relevant.

More information can be found here: NDIS Progress Reports

How to submit progress reports

For registered NDIS providers, they can submit progress reports directly via their NDIS provider portal. The Support Coordinator will require copies for their records also.

Alternatively, reports may go directly to the Support Coordinator or the participant (or nominee).

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