Testimonials, feedback, and reviews are on this page, where clients share their experiences working with us at Effective Directions.

“I certainly hold anyone in high regard who has made the decision to provide a service that is aimed at helping other people in the pursuit of their happiness. I am eternally grateful for the service you have provided me so far” ~ Michael

“I felt the tension and anxiety leave my body. The immense fear I had simply vanished, leaving my mind clear and focused. Knowing something as simple as a deep abdominal breath can help me is incredibly helpful” ~ Phil

“Thank you for such an enlightening session. You did well to cover so much in such a short time. Lots of ideas to challenge my thinking. That’s what I want! Can’t wait till next week” ~ David

“My sessions involved both business and personal where we discussed where I can improve and different ways of thinking. Thank you for helping me to realise that everything I wish and want to do is possible!” ~ Betty

“I felt safe and secure the whole time during our sessions on anxiety and stress. I feel so relaxed and calm. More focused. Later I instantly did activities that would normally make me feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed. Thank you for a great therapy session, I look forward to more!” ~ Taylor

“As someone who does hypnotherapy as a service, Samantha’s voice was perfect, I have never gone so deep in trance before now. She asked the right questions and really personalised the sessions. I have never felt so relaxed and calm” ~ Hayley

“I saw Samantha for chronic pain, after a hypno-psychotherapy session I felt extremely relaxed and optimistic. After a week since our session, I have used the audio you provided and have had ongoing success. After a few sessions I continue to feel positive, have more energy, and better managing my pain. I look forward to completing my treatment plan and reach my goal” ~ Mary

“I felt at ease to talk. Her voice was soothing and I was able to relax and get to my happy place easy. Although it is less than 12 hours I feel calmer and more relaxed” ~ Anne

“I just loved working with Samantha, her energy, compassion, and approachable personality made it so much easier to open up and share my life’s troubles and problems. She is helping me work through some very traumatic stuff and I am learning so much about myself. Thank you for everything so far, I look forward to more sessions with you…” ~ Charlotte

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