We can help!

We have helped many people through various challenges in their lives over the years.

Below is an overview of what we can help people work through:

  • Stress Management, including:
    • Past Trauma eg. violence and abuse, bullying, physical and sexual assault, natural disaster, medical, car accident, emergency services (Ambulance, CFS & medical staff), etc.
    • Suicide Ideation
    • work/life balance, relocating, financial troubles, etc.
    • life transitions
  • Anxiety, including:
    • including PTSD, Phobias, and general anxiety.
  • Depression or Depressed Mood
    • including Grief and Loss: eg. loss of a loved one, made redundant from work, moving or relocating, etc.

Being a regional therapy practice, we do what we can to support our clients within our professional capacity.

To find out what modalities we use for therapy, please see our MODALITIES article.

To find out more about our therapists, please see our About Us page.

Often it is good to talk to someone who wont criticise us, who is trained and qualified to help us through these hard and challenging times. Someone who get’s it, who has a level of understanding of what is happening in your life. And someone who is patient, compassionate, and non-critical.

**For complex mental health conditions**

Such as, Complex PTSD, Depressive Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder,

In order to support you the best way we know how, there are a few things we will need from you BEFORE we can start working with you. This is for your safety and the safety of your therapist.

  • copy of your Psychiatrist report including treatment recommendations
  • letter from your GP or referral letter detailing medications, etc.
  • Diagnosis reports
  • List of all previous therapy
  • List of current support team eg. GP, therapists, professionals, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: we are unable to assist with eating disorders, schizophrenia, psychosis, and bipolar disorder unless stated in the psychiatrist report that psychotherapy will be of benefit and with clear therapeutic instructions.