The Truth About Money

I realised last night that my journey into Personal Development started back in 2005 where I really believed money would solve all my problems. That all I needed was more money and I would be happy and fulfilled.

It took over 5 years of self discovery and Personal Development to realise that it is up to me. I control my destiny and what I believe about myself and my experiences determine the outcome.

I went on a journey around wealth creation with the aim for financial freedom in mind. Over 5 years ago I would never have believed I am doing what I do today!

Deep down I knew there was a better way, an easier way – there had to be! My journey has been around discovering what that is for me and my family.

My biggest lesson and insight has been around not doing what everyone else is doing. Realising that I had been wanting to control everything and have ‘order’ in my life through controlling others.

Rather, knowing and discovering what it is I truly want and be open, to ALL the possibilities on how to achieve wealth creation and financial freedom.

You see I followed what my parents and others in my life were doing at the time, because I could see the benefits in Property Development and Investing in Property. I was very narrow minded and blocking all the other amazing opportunities that were available.

With those blinkers now removed, my awareness around all the options and amazing possibilities available are phenomenal. For instance, if you asked me 5 years ago “Sam do you see yourself running your own business in the very near future?” I would have asked if you were ok and needed a lie down. It was something that I would have thought was not possible or achievable.

One of the many lesson’s I have learned over the years has been around letting go of controlling everything all the time because it limits the possibilities and opportunities available. When we have a narrow minded approach to something and want to control exactly how we achieve something, it really limits how this ‘goal’ this outcome we desperately want. Being clear in our minds about what we want and where we are headed and then seeing what happens next and what we are inspired to do next will open so many doors of opportunities.