What are the 3 universal fears?

Did you know that there are three universal fears?

Fears are what keep us safe. It is the way we can protect ourselves from harm.

How we do this is through a thought and then a feeling whether it is emotional or physical.

So our 3 Universal Fears are the core, the essence of our surface fears.

What I mean by this is when working with my clients on problems they are facing, the fear of spiders, of incidents occurring. Perhaps situations out of our control resonate from one or all of our Universal Fears.

So let’s get into it shall we?

Our 3 Universal Fears are…

  1. The Fear of Not Belonging
  2. The Fear of Not Being Loved
  3. The Fear of Not Being Good Enough

The point is – we ALL experience fear at some point.

The trick is… knowing how to use it to our advantage.

Can fears become a phobia?

Absolutely, Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) found this to be true.

This happens through the intensity of the experience – such as through thought, feeling. Your emotions create phobias. Wow, isn’t that incredible how powerful the human mind is?

What is your greatest fear? Do you know what it is? How has it impacted on your life.

To help answer these questions, one of our lovely staff can help you work through this and so much more.

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