Counsellors are good therapists

Dispelling the myth that Counsellor’s aren’t good enough to be therapists.

It has been known within the Allied Health Profession that Counsellors are not equipped to service clients at a high level. With the amount of required standards we have to uphold as therapists within the industry, Counselling has come a long way over the years.

While psychologists are trained to focus on the science and research behind human emotions and behaviour, counsellors focus more on the person-centred exploration of their behaviour and emotions bringing about self-exploration and coming to conclusions.

It is important to acknowledge that psychologists have a very important role within the Mental Health profession where they can diagnose and treat people with chronic conditions. It is also important to acknowledge that counsellors play an important role too when it comes to treatment, skills and training.

For further information on counsellors and what we have to meet within our professional industry standards, please visit the Australian Counselling Association.


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