What is the perception of others?

The Perceptions of others…. blogg by Samantha Blake

It’s interesting how the perceptions of others can have such grave consequences to us, how we act and how we feel…

Let’s break this down a little. First let’s explain what perception means…
According to the oxford online dictionary perception means “the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses“.

To me the perception of others or should I say FROM others is essentially the non-verbal judgement of us and who we are. It is what we think others think of us. Such as, our actions, the words we speak, the emotions we display. Sometimes we can assume these perceptions through others actions, tonality and emotional displays also.

Some people care what others think of them and some do not.

It’s interesting how some people perceive our actions and behaviours towards our children. For those of us who have young children or have had young children will know first-hand how challenging perceived and non-perceived judgments of others can be.

Especially when out shopping and they throw themselves on the floor in the middle of the shop because they can’t have with, they want because they want it NOW! 

What helps me get through it all is that my 4 beautiful children are so unique and determined in their own right and I love that quality within them all. When I don’t make deal out of others looks, glares and comments – why should my kids? You see our children follow what we do, because WE ARE their role models. They look up to us for guidance and love and compassion. And this is what I give EVERY DAY! Why? They deserve to have an awesome life just as much as anyone else. What better way than through my controlled behaviours and actions.

During the midst of my child’s tantrum, I can choose to notice the other ‘shoppers’ and shop assistants looking at us with their frown and taunt, pursed lips and/or potential look of disgust. While thinking to myself, if only they knew! If they knew what I know, they would not judge me. It has become human nature to judge others before we have ALL the facts. The point is the perceptions of others does not matter one iota when it comes to anything we do that is in the best interest of ourselves, others and the greater good. They do not know the whole story behind what is happening and quite frankly it is none of their business. Others make it their business because they are lacking something fulfilling in their lives… this leads me onto another article for another time.