What is your health and vitality goal?

Health & Vitality Check-In

What is your health and vitality goal? What do you hope to achieve?

The following tips are what I do on a consistent basis to lose those unwanted kg’s (kilograms) and achieve my ultimate health and vitality goal. These tips have worked for me where I have let go of many excess kilograms.

These great tips have come about from many friends and acquaintances asking me, what’s my secret, how have I done it? Am I going to fade away to nothing? Quite simply, there is no real secret, and no I am not going to fade away. I am aiming to reach my ideal healthy weight and have an abundance of vitality.

The good news is there is no special pill, no unrealistic exercise regime or anything else unrealistic to achieve. These easy tips are for a better and healthier you!

Trust me, I have tried and tested most gimmick things to achieve weight-loss is drastic proportions. I have been overweight most of my adult life, so I can appreciate where you are potentially coming from too.

Wanting to shift those unwanted kilo’s that keep creeping up instead of down, feeling down in the dumps and stressed over the fact that nothing is happening. Doing the best that I can and nothing happening, the joy of exercise has gone – it now seems more like a chore and boring!

If this resonates with you, then you are going to love these amazing tips that have worked for me. Rest assured these may not all work for you, and that is ok, we are all unique. My suggestion is do a couple at a time and see where it leads you.

Now onto the general tips:

  1. Eat an abundance of fruit and vegetables
  2. Drink alcohol in moderation
  3. Do you drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or take drugs?
  4. How much coffee do you drink?
  5. Exercise – do a form of physical activity for 30mins a day
  6. Set your goal – what is your preferred weight? How do you want your body to look?
  7. Now set smaller goals, like milestones.
  8. Then set tasks, what are you going to achieve daily to reach your goals
  9. Limit junk food – if possible eliminate completely
  10. Eat and drink in moderation

Disclaimer: the information contained in this document is meant as a guide and not professional health advice. The author is sharing what methods have worked for them and not promising it will work for you.

The following published authors are references from various books and resources which the author has used and interpreted to mean for themselves. Anthony Robbins, Louise L. Hay, Sharon Pearson, and Paul Blackburn.