How to cancel Support Coordination agreement

How do I cancel agreement with current Support Coordinator provider?

There are a few things to consider when cancelling your service agreement with your current Support Coordinator provider.

There are about four (4) things to consider.

Below is a guide on what you may need to do to terminate your contract or agreement with your current Support Coordinator:

  1. Do you have a new Support Coordinator arranged?
    Before doing anything with your current one, we would suggest you have a new one lined up. This way you are not left in a difficult situation with no support services.
    Ring around, ask if anyone you are comfortable working with has availability for new clients.
    Make sure you are comfortable working with your new Support Coordinator, perhaps arrange a face-to-face meeting. Please note you may incur a fee for this.
    Is your new Support Coordinator fit for the job? Can they help you with the services you need? What is their experience? Are they qualified?

  2. What is your current Support Coordinator providers termination policy?
    We would strongly recommend reading through your service agreement or terms and conditions paperwork. It is important to understand what you are required to do and what their responsibility is to finalise your agreement.
    How much notice do they require? Ie 2 weeks written (email) notice.

  3. Are all the accounts and affairs finalised or up to date?
    If you are self-managed, make sure all their accounts are paid, with a zero balance
    If you are agency or plan managed, check with them to see if all accounts are paid, reduce service booking to zero and close off with an end date.
    How much funding do you have left? Make sure you are aware of any termination fees and charges for handover and whether you have enough funds for this.

  4. Handover with your new Support Coordinator
    You have every right to ask your previous Support Coordinator for your case notes and all related files to be transferred to your new Support Coordinator.
    They may wish to hold a meeting to do the handover or perhaps prepare a handover document, be mindful fees may be charged for this.
    This will help your new Support Coordinator to get up to speed with your situation and what services are currently in place.

If at all in doubt, please talk to your current Support Coordinator, Plan Manager, Agency Manager or anyone from NDIA.