What is addiction?

What is addiction and how can hypnotherapy help?

It is when someone has a need, physically or psychologically, to take or use substances. All to the point of becoming uncontrollable and even harmful to the user and those around them.

Addiction is commonly associated with illicit drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, food, gambling and smoking.

Did you know it can also be associated with work, computers, gaming, solvents, and shopping?

There are many reasons why addiction begins. It may be around changing your mood, distracting you from an unpleasant experience.  To supress and avoid the negative feelings swirling around, so they use their addiction to avoid the unpleasantness of the feelings and seek to feel better, even if it is for a little bit. Even if it is to the detriment to their health, wellbeing, financial position and close relationships.

In some instances it is about chasing the initial elated high sensation from taking drugs, gambling or even shopping. They chase it and chase it until it ultimately consumes them to the point they are broke, potentially homeless and have no-one to go to.

Hypnotherapy and Hypno-psychotherapy can help you or the person you care about and their addiction. Like many highly trained and skilled Clinical Hypnotherapists, they can guide the client into a relaxed, calm state and work through their agreed treatment plan together. Working through behaviour patterns and triggers that addiction stems from, and progressively reach the clients ultimate goals.

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