What is a win-win situation?

What is a win-win situation?

I was reading a book the other day and it mentioned having a ‘win/win’ mentality. In that an outcome benefits everyone!

Most of us have grown up with the win/lose mentality which is of a ‘competitive’ frame of mind. It was referred to as weak vs strong, hard vs soft, etc, where position and power is the focus rather than the principle.

Having a win/win mindset means ‘there is plenty for everyone’.

A win/win situation is when you and another person (people) agree on an outcome that benefits everyone involved.

“One person’s success is not achieved at the expense or exclusion of the success of others”, Paul Blackburn, The Money Riddle.

Having a win/win mindset is not about being aggressive to get what you want. It’s not about competing or making it a competition, nor is it about manipulating someone. It is about negotiating, listening, and meeting in the ‘middle’ with respect and compassion for one another.

Working out a desirable outcome for all parties is the ultimate win/win.

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